Alfuraat Solar Tech Manufacturing PLC

Established in 2016, Alfuraat Solar Tech Manufacturing PLC operates from Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa. Privately owned and managed by Ethiopian partners, the company collaborate with international experts, advancing solar technology in Ethiopia.


Alfuraat specializes in the production, supply, and installation of:

Solar-powered water pumps for drinking, farming, irrigation, and cattle watering.

Solar power stations.

Solar street and traffic lights.

Solar garden, outdoor, and mosquito killer lights.

Solar flashlights of various sizes.

Solar welcome gate banners.

Since its establishment, Alfuraat has successfully completed significant projects, including:

Installing solar water pumps in 6 regions (26+ sites).

Deploying solar street lights (2000+ pcs) over 40km in 3 regions.

Implementing solar traffic lights in 2 regions (9 intersections).

Installing solar welcome gate banners at 2 Dire Dawa sites.

Sodaking Soft Drink PLC

Soda King Soft Drink PLC, established in 2019, began with a mission to combat iodine deficiency disorders. Our flagship product, 'AL FURAAT Iodized Edible Salt,' is meticulously produced from washed and crushed sea salt, ensuring the highest quality standards. Our iodizer processes 15 tons of salt per hour, ensuring high-quality iodized salt to enhance public health.


Our Values


At the heart of everything we do lies a focus on our customers' needs.

Ethical Business

Operating with integrity, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Continuous Improvement

We innovate to meet changing needs, striving for continual improvement.

Sun In Night General Trading PLC

Sun in Night General Trading PLC was founded in 2016 in Dire Dawa to contribute to the nation's growing construction sector. Spanning 90,000 m2, our facilities include a 30,000 m2 crusher site and a 60,000 m2 quarry site. We supply stones (00, 01, 02, 03), limestone, and sand, along with construction machinery and Sino truck rentals. Since our establishment, we've revolutionized the sector with high-quality materials, taking pride in our past achievements, finding joy in our current performance, and eagerly anticipating the promising future.




We ensure excellence in all aspects of our work.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize the needs and satisfactions of our customers.


We strive to remain dependable and trustworthy in our commitments.